Cyprus citizenship by investment program
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Comparison with similar programmes of other countries

The Cyprus programme is unique and has no counterparts in the European Union
Cyprus Malta Latvia UK Spain Saint Kitts and Nevis
Result EU Passport U Passport EU Residence for
5 years; passport
after 6 years plus
exams in the
Latvian language and history
EU Residence for 5
years (3 years
then 2 years); passport
after 6 years plus
exam in English
EU Residency
for 5 years
Passport St Kitts&Nevis
Time to obtain passport 6 months 12 - 14 months 6 years 6 years 10 years 4-6 months
Amount of
2.000.000 500.000 (or 150.000
plus rent of
a property for
minimum 16.000
for 5 years)
250.000 2.000.000 500.000 400.000
Donation - 650.000 (plus 50.000
for every adult
family member and 25.000
for under 18)
- - - Optional
Duration for
investment to be kept
3 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years
Assets Bonds or securities
of Cyprus companies, or
Real estate, or Business
Bonds and Real Estate Real Estate Bonds or securities
of the UK companies
(75%) and Real Estate
or Deposit (25%)
Bonds or Real
estate or Business
Donation or Real Estate
Physical residence No 6-12 months No Not to be absent for
more than 450 days
within first 5 years and
not more than 90 days
within the 6th year
Yes No
Dual citizenship Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Visa free travel,
residence and work in EU
Unlimited Unlimited Free travel in Schengen
countries and residedence
in Latvia, no working permission
Residence in the UK,
no working permission
Free travel in Schengen
countries and residence
in Spain, no working permission
Free travel in Schengen
countries and the UK
limited to 180 days a
year; no working permission
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Ability to resell after 3 years
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Cyprus Developers

Part of Dellot brand
Cyprus Developers is a part of Dellot brand, and an affiliate of Metropolitan Premium Properties originated in 2012, primarily as a real estate company within domestic UAE property sector, and has since diversified into exclusive residential property projects overseas.

"Cyprus Developers" is a specially created brand which is designed to promote the Cypriot Government developed citizenship and PR programs globally, through our international network. In each and every project, our team of dedicated professionals has provided clients with a valuable asset of enduring quality and integrity. We are offering only certified developments which allow you to obtain for Citizenship and PR in Republic of Cyprus, a full Member of European Union.

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